Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Exclusive: Family Round Starts Today

 - Sakshi Post

The most awaited episode of Bigg Boss is the contestants' meeting their family members inside the house. Are you excited to know the details of the family meet round of Bigg Boss Telugu 5? Then read on to find out.
According to our source, the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are planning a family meet-up round beginning today. The source says that two family members are allowed from one contestant's family. However, only one family member will enter the house during the weekdays, and the other will meet the contestant on the stage in the weekend episode.

Anyway, it seems that Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are excited about watching the family meet up round. As, most of the time, contestants change their game after the family meet-up round, as they will get a review of their performance from their family members.
The Bigg Boss Telugu 5 grand finale is coming up in a few days. The contestants are performing their best to win the title. For this week's elimination, Shanmukh Jaswanth. Sunny, Sreeramam Chandra, Kajal, Siri, Priyanka, and Ravi are nominated. According to the unofficial voting source, one of the female contestants might get a red card this week. Let us wait and see who that contestant is. Whom do you think? Let us know in your comments.

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