Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Day 7 Highlights: Sarayu Eliminated 

 - Sakshi Post

All the Bigg Boss lovers who are not able to watch the show will definitely need a  review of the weekend of episode. Here we are with the day 7 review. In the weekend episode, Nagarjuna tells the housemates that Sunday would be Funday. So, all the contestants pair up and perform a ramp walk for which Jessie and host Nagarjuna give the scores. Priyanka and Shweta Varma pair wins the catwalk round. Next, housemates play compatibility round which Lobo skips. 

Nagarjuna first saves Maanas with the apple cutting task and then contestants are asked to open boxes in which the saved contestants get a safe tag. RJ Kajal gets saved there. Later, Jessie is saved and Sarayu got eliminated. After Sarayu meets Nagarjuna, she was asked to mention 5 best and worst contestants. Will those worst contestants be in nominations is to be watched today. Do follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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