Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants' Reverse Punches To Nagarjuna

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Akkineni Nagarjuna is one of the finest actors in Tollywood. After becoming a successful actor, Nagarjuna also donned the hat of a host for popular reality shows. Currently, Nagarjuna is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 5. He is also charging a fancy remuneration to host the show. 

In an interesting twist to the show, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants are giving reverse punches to the host. In last weekend's episode, Nagarjuna said to Hamida "You are looking hot," she replied saying, "I know that. tell me something new." In Saturday's episode, Nagarjuna said to Shanmukh Jaswanth don't do overaction because eight people have nominated you in the house. Shanmukh replied to host Nagarjuna saying they hadn't nominated him directly."

Nagarjuna getting punches from the contestants is not looking good to the viewers. Nagarjuna is the host, he has to be in the commanding position always and control contestants' behaviour. 

A host giving contestants some liberty is good, but viewers say a reality show must always be strict. He has to strike a balance to attract the viewers.

Talking about tonight's episode, Anchor Ravi, Swetha Varma, Maanas, Vishwa, Anee Master, Jessie, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Sreerama Chandra and Siri are all set to get nominated for Elimination. 

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