This Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Following Kaushal Manda Game Plan?

 - Sakshi Post

Are you regularly following the most controversial Telugu reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 5? If you are reading this, then we are sure you are. You must know by now which contestants are getting targeted by all the housemates. Yes, she is none other than Lahari Shari, who is seen fighting with every contestant in the house. 

On the first day, Lahari had a clash with Hamida over bathroom-related issues. Last night, Lahari Shari and RJ Kajal had a clash over a task. Actually, it's the strategy of Bigg Boss to create rifts between contestants in the house. All the contestants seem to be targeting Lahari. Now, the one question doing the rounds on social media is is Lahari Shari behaving like Kaushal Manda in the Bigg Boss house? 

If you recall, Kaushal Manda was the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2. Will Lahari Shari also repeat the same magic as Kaushal Manda with her stint in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 by following his game plan. It's too early to talk because Lahari's performance in the house will decide the fate of her winning or losing the game. What do you think, will she be able to survive in the house for a long time? 

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