This Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant is First Confirmed Finalist?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has picked up pace in terms of entertaining the viewers. For the past two weeks, contestants are entertaining the viewers with their constant fights in the house.

Eight contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house—right from Ravi to Shanmukh and Priyanka Singh, contestants are using every opportunity wisely with an intention to reach the grand finale round. Yes. They have their eyes set on the Bigg Boss trophy. Looks like one contestant has managed to earn a special pass. And he is none other than VJ Sunny. The buzz on social media suggests that VJ Sunny won the eviction free pass after playing a task. 

VJ Sunny can use it anytime. If VJ Sunny uses the pass next week, there is a chance that he can reach the grand finale round. There's no way, VJ Sunny would get eliminated this weekend. So, it appears that Sunny will surely be among the finalists, thanks to the eviction-free pass. 

Talking about eliminations this week, Bigg Boss viewers predict that Anee Master or RJ Kajal will get evicted from the house this Sunday.

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