Bigg Boss Telugu 5: This Contestant Is In Danger Zone

 - Sakshi Post

Hey Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers, are you eager to know if your favorite contestant is in a safe zone or danger zone. Then check this out. 

The nominated contestants for the seventh week of eliminations include Ravi, Sreerama, Lobo, Siri, Priya, Jaswanth, Kajal, and Anee Master. According to voting trends, Anee Master, Kajal, and Jaswanth are in the danger zone. Ravi, Sreerama, Lobo, Siri, and Priya are said to be in the safe zone. 

This week's elimination will be a huge surprise and confusing because the contestants who are in the danger zone are the ones who provide content to the show. However, the audience are guessing that the makers might evict Jessie instead of Anee Master. But it is worth mentioning here that till the sixth-week, the makers have done fair eliminations, so let's wait and watch what happens in the seventh-week elimination. 

Which contestant do you think will get the exit pass this week? Let us know your opinion in your comments. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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