Bigg Boss Telugu 5: This Contestant Is In Danger Zone

 - Sakshi Post

Hey Bigg Boss Telugu viewers, are you looking for latest information on tomorrow's elimination? Then we are here. As per the buzz on social media, Lahari Shari or artist Priya is likely to get an exit pass from the house this week. 

As we said earlier, Priya is in the lead position and Lahari is in danger zone. But if Star Maa and the makers want to save Lahari, then for sure Priya will get a red card. Anyway, we can say that this week's elimination is tough because all the nominated contestants are strong. And if Lahari gets eliminated, there will be no masala in the show because she is the only contestant known in the glass house to resort to gossips and dramas to entertain the viewers. 

Anyway, the nominated contestants for this week's elimination are Priya, Maanas, Priyanka, Sreerama Chandra, and Lahari. According to the latest voting results, Sreerama Chandra and Lahari are in danger zone. Priya, Maanas, and Priyanka are in the safe zone. There is another buzz going around that Sreerama might be eliminated. But according to our sources, the makers might not evict Sreerama because he and Hamida are likely to develop a love track which could bring in TRPs for the show. 

There is a lot of confusion over who will get eliminated this week between Lahari, Sreerama, and Priya. Let us wait and watch what the Bigg Boss Telugu makers are planning. But one thing we can be certain of is that if the makers remove Priya when she is leading in terms of votes, the audience will lose interest in the show and may not vote again. Let's see how it goes. Tonight's episode is going to be interesting and I am curious to know who would Nagarjuna save first.

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