Bigg Boss Telugu 5: This Contestant is in Danger Zone

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This weekend on Bigg Boss Telugu 5, we will get the second contestant to be eliminated from the show. A total of six contestants are there in the nominations this week. Among them, for one, it will be the end of their Bigg Boss journey.

These are the nominated contestants this week - Artist Priya, RJ Kajal, Priyanka Singh, Uma Devi, Anee Master, and Natraj Master. Among them, few contestants are doing well and getting a good number of votes. RJ Kajal is currently getting good votes. On top we have, Artist Priya and Priyanka Singh. These three are safe and not in the danger zone.

So RJ Kajal, Artist Priya, and Priyanka Singh are leading in the votes. They are in the safe zone and will not get eliminated this week. The rest of the nominated contestants are in the bottom 3.

As per the buzz, this week could mark the end of the Bigg Boss 5 journey for Natraj Master. He will mostly get eliminated from the house. Natraj Master, Uma Devi, and Anee Master are the bottom three contestants. One among them will be eliminated.

The chances of Natraj Master getting eliminated are the highest but we will have to wait till the Sunday episode to find out who gets evicted. This will be the second elimination after Sarayu, who went in the very first week.

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