Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Check Out The Confirmed Contestants Who Reached Grand Finale

 - Sakshi Post

Hey Bigg Boss Telugu viewers, we are back with the updated grand finale contestants list. As per  social media buzz, Ravi got the exit pass from the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. We can say that Ravi's elimination has shocked the audience. 

As per buzz, RJ Kajal and Ravi were in the danger zone and VJ Sunny is said to have used his eviction free pass to save RJ Kajal because of which Ravi was shown the door. Anchor Ravi was said to be one of deserving contestants to reach the grand finale. Now, with his getting elimination this week, RJ Kajal might enter the grand finale round.

Earlier, we mentioned that no female contestant would enter the grand finale round, but now it appears either RJ Kajal or Siri stand a chance to reach there. According to the talk on social media platforms, Sunny, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Sreerama Chandra, Maanas, and RJ Kajal are the top five contestants to enter the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 grand finale round. The unofficial polls say that VJ Sunny might win the season 5 trophy while Shanmukh could end up as the runner up. However, we should remember one thing since it is a Bigg Boss show, we can't predict anything so early. Let us see if the audience's prediction comes true or not.

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