Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Anee Master Ditches Shweta Varma

 - Sakshi Post

Star Maa on Wednesday released a promo of tonight's episode. In the promo, we can see that there is a huge war between the two teams (Team Wolf and Team Eagle). No contestants are stepping back when it comes to their efforts win the captaincy task. The female contestants are giving a tough fight to the male counterparts, and it won't be wrong to say that in this season, the female contestants are going all out to beat their male housemates. They are also participating in the physically taks. In the second week of nominations, Shweta gave back to every contestant strongly and the audience saw her other face. It is good to be strong and stubborn, however repeatedly showing unnecessary temper towards other contestants will surely affect her performance in the game and also change her equations with the housemates. Besides, the viewers' opinion too could change.

It is the Bigg Boss house, if contestants fight or resort to dramas to gain screen space, they will definitely be the first ones to get evicted from the house. The channel might support the contestant once or twice. But the audience will not. The same thing seems to be happening with Shweta Varma. In the first week, she was very quiet and playied her game smoothly. However, after nominations, she started showing needless attitude for which she is being trolled by Bigg Boss viewers. 

In the first week, Shweta was close to Anee Master and they both shared a good bond. But in tonight's episode, Anee Master tells Shweta that she is very wild. Adding to this, Priya comments that Shweta is behaving like a devil. We can conclude from this comment that  Anee Master and Priya are targeting Shweta Varma. 

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