Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner Abhijeet Epic Reply To Mehboob-Sohel Scam Viral Video

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Actor Abhijeet is a man of the hour and he has become restless ever since he emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4.  Several Abhijeet fans are eagerly waiting to take a selfie with him. Reports are doing the rounds that Abhijeet is all set to start a success tour in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to thank his fans as they are the main reason for his Bigg Boss victory. As you all might aware, there was a reunion in Bigg Boss house before the grand finale of the show.

During the time, Mehboob is believed to have given hint about Sohel’s position outside of the house and that video went viral on all social media platforms. Abhijeet fans are furious over Star Maa for deducting their demi-god prize money, giving that amount to the third runner up Sohel. Bigg Boss fans are posting nasty comments on Mehboob and Sohel’s on social media. In the latest interview, Abhijeet was asked , did he saw the viral video of Mehboob and Sohel's video. Abhijeet was stun to see the video and he further gave a reply that  "We cannot do anything because that has to been taken care of by the channel. It’s Sohel’s decision whether to take money or not and we don’t have the right to comment on other personal life. Because it's an individual choice of him. Abhijeet fans are going gaga over his kindheartedness and humbleness over Sohel and Mehboob.

After spending almost three months in the "Bigg Boss Telugu 4" house, actor Abhijeet has been declared winner of the show. He has defeated co-contestant and model Akhil Sarthak. Abhijeet won the "Bigg Boss Telugu 4" trophy and a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh.

The finale of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 concluded on Saturday. Due to high TRPs and huge craze among people, the show was even extended by two weeks. Apart from Abhijeet and Akhil, the top five contestants include Sohel, Harika and Ariyana.

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