Bigg Boss Tamil 5 First Week Elimination Voting Trends

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 is heading towards its second week. The nominations for the second week of eviction took place. The contestants in the house are giving good content and entertaining the audience. Bigg Boss Tamil viewers are enjoying Priyanka and Annachi comedy in the house. A section of the audience are asking why contestants are targeting singer Isaivani. It appears that contestants have started their games. 

Let's check out the voting trends for the nominated contestants for this week's elimination are Isaivani with six votes, Akshara with three votes, Imman with four votes, Chinna Ponnu with three votes, Abhinay with three votes, Ciby with two votes, and Niroop with five votes. Last week, Bigg Boss Tamil viewers guessed that Chinna Ponnu might get a red card, but Namitha walked away from the show due to her ill health. 

So, we can say that Namitha saved Chinna Ponnu. Now, viewers have predicted that there is a high chance of Chinna Ponnu getting an exit pass in the second week. The new captain of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house is Thamarai. So except Thamarai and Pavani Reddy, every other contestant has been nominated for eviction in the second week.

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