Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants And Their Professions

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 kick-started on a grand note last weekend. All the contestants seem to have settled down in the glass house environment. Though all the contestants are trying hard to get some screen space in the one hour show, Priyanka Deshpande and Raju stole the show yesterday.

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Hailing from different backgrounds, all the 18 contestants of BB Tamil Season 5 seem  to have gotten close as extended family. Here are the actual professions of Bigg Boss contestants. 

  1. Isaivani- Singer
  2. Raju- Actor
  3. Mathumitha- Costume Designer
  4. Abishek- Youtuber
  5. Namitha Marimuthu-Model
  6. Priyanka Deshpande- Anchor
  7. Abhinav- Entrepreneur 
  8. Pavani Reddy-Actor
  9. Chinna Ponnu- singer
  10. Nadia Chang- Model
  11. Varun- Actor
  12. Imman Annachi- Actor
  13. Suruthi- Model
  14. Akshara Reddy- Actress
  15. Iykki Berry- Doctor and Rapper
  16. Thamarai Selvi- Gana singer
  17. Ciby Chandran- Actor
  18. Niroop Nandakumar- Model

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