Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Abhishek Raaja Changes Game Strategy in Second Innings?

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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has been trending since yesterday on all the social media platforms after Abhishek Raaja's re-entry via wild card. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 broke all TRP records with yesterday's episode. Vijay TV had released the wild card entry promo in the afternoon, and Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers were curious to know if it was indeed Abhishek Raaja making his re-entry into the Bigg Boss house. They were glued to their television sets, waiting to see who would be the wild card entry. As expected, it was Abhishek Raaja. Anyway, it appears, Bigg Boss Tamil 5 makers have made a clever move to make the show interesting.

As per viewers, Abhishek Raaja is the only contestant in the house who often gets into controversial fights. And the channel (Vijay TV) always wants have contestants who can boost TRPs The re-entry of Abhishek Raaja will now add some masala to the show. 

Now, what happens when a contestant makes a re-entry into the house? After elimination, Abhishek is likely to have watched his performance in the glass house. He would have also got to know about the true colors of his housemates and their game strategy. So, netizens say that Abhishek has returned to the house with a new game plan. 

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers feel that Vijay TV and Bigg Boss Tamil 5 makers will save Abhishek though he is in the danger zone. And when it comes to the drama in the house, Abhishek has loads of drama packed in his bag, which is going to start next week. 

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