Bigg Boss Makers Editing Out Umar Riaz Scenes, Say Fans

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Fans of the popular TV reality show, Bigg Boss 15 are firing the makers and Colors TV for being biased towards a few contestants and portraying others in a different light. Viewers have said that the makers try to show scenes of a few “important contestants” and edit out scenes of others.

This is something that was said for Umar Riaz. He is not shown much when the channel airs the 1-hour special on TV but is only there on the live feed even that he is not shown much.

Bigg Boss viewers have claimed that the makers keep cutting scenes of Umar Riaz and even when he is talking or keeping his points, the scene will shift to something else or someone else. They are trying to sabotage him and keep him away from the audience's attention so that when the voting time comes, he does not look good.

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Many would think that he did not do much in the show and probably not vote for him. The makers keep sabotaging him and fans are not happy about it. Even when it is not necessary, he is compared to his younger brother, Asim Riaz.

Even during the tasks, he is not seen much. Well, fans have been complaining about this to Colors TV and it is to be seen if we see some change for Umar in the future episodes.

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