Bigg Boss Makers Angry at RJ Kajal For Breaking Agreement: Deets Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant RJ Kajal has become the talk of the town on social media. Yes, she was the last contestant to get eliminated from the house in Sunday's episode. 

If Jessie wouldn't step out of the show due to health issues, RJ Kajal would have been eliminated a long time ago. 

RJ Kajal was saved by the makers following Jessie's sudden exit and with Sunny's eviction-free pass. Looks like Bigg Boss makers are now furious with RJ Kajal's behavior as she is said to have broken the agreement made with Bigg Boss. 

Going into details, any Bigg Boss contestant is not allowed to give interviews to any channel until the maker telecasts the elimination episode. The weekend episode or elimination shoot usually takes place by Saturday night and is aired on Sunday. At times, the makers have also eliminated contestants on Saturday itsself. Bigg Boss has set a strict rules to all the contestants saying whoever gets eliminated shouldn't give any special interviews until they telecast Bigg Boss buzz interview. 

It has now emerged that Kajal  broke all the rules and gave an interview after her exit. That's not all, she also confirmed her elimination through photos and videos on Saturday itself even before the episode went live. Following this, Bigg Boss makers are furious over RJ Kajal, as per the buzz. 

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