Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Winner Confirmed!!

 - Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeepa's Bigg Boss Kannada has completed its second week and is entering into the third week with a lot of changes happening. The equations between contestants have changed with friends turning foes. The contestants are giving their best to bag the trophy of BBK8 at all costs and also entertaining viewers with their antics. 

As we all know, Aravind KP has become the captain of the BBK house for the third time this season. Netizens say that Aravind KP is the best contestant in the whole house. He gives his best in the tasks and never gives up on any hard tasks. Winning captaincy task thrice is not that easy for any contestant, but Aravind KP has made it.

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By this, we can say that it is clear that Aravind KP will bag the season 8 Bigg Boss Kannada trophy for sure going by his performance and reaction from the viewers. Also, one must not forget that Bigg Boss seems to be impressed by his performance which is evident in the fact that they have chosen him as the house captain for the third time despite the presence of other equally able contestants. So as per people's pulse, it appears that Colors Kannada have made up their mind on Aravind KP. 

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It is too early to predict, but the polls on social media platforms also prove that Aravind KP has a 100 percent chance to win BBK8. Aravind KP has gained a huge fan following on social media platforms and won the hearts of millions of BBK viewers with his performance. Last week, Nidhi and Aravind KP's fight over "swalpa muchukoli" resulted in Nidhi's eviction. Nidhi's eviction showed the true power of Aravind KP fans. It may be recalled that Arvind fans urged Colors Kannada to eliminate Nidhi after her comments against Aravind. 

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