Bigg Boss Kannada: Chandrachud Jibe at Divya Suresh Upsets Shamanth

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The recent promo released by Colors Kannada shows that Bigg Boss has pronounced punishment for the lost team. The punishment is that two contestants from the lost team, should change ten dresses. Shamanth and Divya Suresh do it and also are twinning. Meanwhile, as we know, Chandrachud can't keep mum and he has to share his views on every little thing that happens in the Bigg Boss house. He is seen commenting again and this time he has targeted Shamanth and Divya Suresh. Chandrachud leaves a comment on Divya S and Shamanth saying they are up to something. He doesn't stop there, Chandrachud also says that one of them is sailing on two boats at the same time. The question is who did Chandrachud say this statement to.

Meanwhile, Divya Suresh is seen telling Shamanth that Chandrachud's Statement was a hjibe directed at her because she is close to Manju Pavagada and was twining with Shamanth. However, an upset Shamanth consoles her saying  that next time Chandrachud tries something like that, he is going to rap him. 

Here is a look at the video

It is known that Chandrachud has been warned repeatedly by Bigg Boss Kannada host Kichcha Sudeep over his comments. Even last weekend , Chandrachud was asked to refrain from making any unsavoury comments against housemates. Yet, Chandrachud continues to do so. Netizens say that Chandrachud is a creepy contestant and he never changes his behaviour. They want Chandrachud to get evicted this week and viewers are fed up with his beep words and statements, as is evident from their comments on social media.

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