This Contestant May Be Sent To The Secret Room

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From the first innings of BBK8, viewers have always been excited about the secret room task. Earlier in the first innings, they had guessed that Divya Uruduga might have been sent to the secret room after she was taken ill. When her absence made Aravind dull in the house, viewers outside were cheering him up with tweets saying that the Bigg Boss had sent Divya to the secret room to increase the TRP ratings. In the first innings, the show's TRPs saw a drop because of the absence of the host. But now, according to the report, BBK makers are planning a secret room task during this week's elimination. 

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They say that Priyanka T might get evicted from the BBK house and Vaishnavi will be sent to the secret room. In the first week of the elimination process of the second innings, BBK makers planned a fake elimination for Prashanth S. And now, if Colors Kannada gives a twist and sends Vaishnavi to the secret room, the audience will surely stay hooked to their television sets not wanting to miss any exciting action in the Bigg Boss house. Vaishnavi is considered to be a top contender for the finalists in the glass house and she always tops the voting results. So, it may be a bit surprising to the contestants in the house if Kichcha Sudeep evicts Vaishnavi. 

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