Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Why Colors Kannada Eliminated Chandrachud Week Before Finals

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Chakravarthy Chandrachud was finally evicted from Bigg Bosa Kannada Season 8. All those who have been regulary following BBK8 know that this contestant was repeated saved by Colors Kannada for longer than required for the sake of TRPs. But Chandrachud had crossed all limits inside the glass house. He had got into an altercation with other contestants more than once and also used inappropriate words, though Sudeep warned him twice. Chandrachud was given a chance twice, but he did not mend his ways. BBK viewers were irked with him and his behaviour in the glass house. However, the last nail in the coffin came when he showed his middle finger, much to the disgust of housemates as well as BBK viewers.

In the first innings, Chandrachud was quieter and didn't get into many controversies. In fact he had won the hearts of BBK viewers when he started asking questions to contestant that even Kichcha Sudeep had overlooked. Howver, somewhere in the course of the show, Chandrachud seems to have lost control over his temper. BBK viewers say that had he remained the same in the second innings too, he would have definitely figured among the top 5. 

Anyway, though Colors Kannada gave multiple chances to Chandrachud by overlooking all his flaws, his adamant attitude not to keep a check on his behaviour made him lose his chance. Chandrachud showing a vulgar gesture in a show meant for family audience was enough to call for trouble. No wonder, Colors Kannada didn't waste any time, they just showed him the door. In fact, he was not even allowed to bid proper farewell to housemates. Another reason is that Chandrachud's vote count was far from satisfactory which proves the fact that BBK viewers wanted him out of the house at any cost. 

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