Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Voting Trends For Elimination in Second Innings

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Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8 Second Innings have been trending since the day the show resumed. Another weekend is here, which means it's time for the elimination round. There haven't been eliminations in the Kannada Bigg Boss house in a long time. In the first innings, before the show was suspended for three weeks, there were no evictions due to the pandemic situation in the state and also absence of host Kichcha Sudeep, who gave the show a miss after he was taken ill. This time around, when the second innings begun, the show runners, Colors Kannada decided to skip elimination round as the contestants entered the house in the middle of the week

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Now, there is speculation that there may be a double elimination this week because the show will lasts for only 5 weeks, as per the how host Kichcha Sudeep himself, who made this clear in the very first episode of the second innings. Anyway, the contestants who were nominated last week continued for this week as well. Right now, Prashanth S, Chakravarthy, Raghu, Manju P, Divya S, Nidhi, and Priyanka T are in the nomination list. 

As per sources, Prashanth S, Divya Suresh, Chakravarthy, Raghu, and Manju P are in the safe zone. Priyanka Thimmesh and Nidhi are in the danger zone. If a double elimination takes place, Nidhi and Priyanka are likely to get evicted from the glass house, if the buzz doing the rounds on social media is any indication. Let us wait and see what twists the BBK creators have in store for us.

Here's a peek into Kannada Bigg Boss 8 Voting Trends For Elimination in Second innings

Prashanth S– 18%  (186,144 votes)

Chakravarthy – 13%  (12,884 votes)

Raghu – 12%  (12,111 votes)

Manju P – 13%  (13,946 votes)

Divya Suresh – 21%  (21,890 votes)

Nidhi S – 12%  (12,054 votes)

Priyanka T – 10%  (10,054 votes)

Who do you think will be evicted from the house? Comment below.

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