Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Voting, Check Out Who’s In Danger Zone This Week?

 - Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep’s Bigg Boss is one of the most watched shows on the Kannada small screen in the recent times. Thanks to the contestants for their antics and performance in the house, colors Kannada has the viewers in their grip. 

We gather that you are eagerly waiting to know which contestants are in safe zone and who have entered the danger this week. Some of you would have opened this page to see whether your favourite contestants has been saved from this week's eviction or not. 

Well, Divya S, Priyanka, Manju, Prashanth S, Chakravarthy, and Aravind KP have been nominated this week. There’s a strong buzz doing the rounds that there will be no elimination this weekend as there was a delay in the opening of voting lines.

Besides, Bigg Boss host Kichcha Sudeep also won’t be coming to the show as the Karnataka government has imposed a lockdown in the state. There are also reports doing the rounds that Bigg Boss would eliminate contestants from the show. Show makers will eliminate the contestants based on their performance and the votes gained so far. The show makers will decide who to save or eliminate from the show based upon their performance. 

According to sources, Aravind KP, Manju, Chakravarthy and Divya Suresh are in the safe zone while Prashanth and Priyanka are in danger zone. It remains to be seen if Colors Kannada will hold the ninth week elimination tomorrow and if so, which contestant will be shown the door.  We will surely keep you posted on the eliminated contestant by tonight. May we ask our viewers to come back to Sakshi Post for all the updates on Bigg Boss Kannada?

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