Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Viewers Wants Makers To Focus on These Two Contestants

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is half over. The show has managed to keep the viewers hooked to their TV sets. The latest format of the show and the innovative tasks being assigned to the contestants have ensured that newer audience show interest in the show. In every Bigg Boss season, netizens troll contestants on Social media platforms. Most often they troll the couples inside the house. Manju, Divya S and Aravind KP, Divya U are the most talked about couples in the show.

Now BBK viewers are saying the equation between Shamanth and Vaishnavi will also be good. And asking show makers to focus on them so they can have a new couple in BBK house. Vaishnavi and Shamanth are growing their popularity on social media by their game. At the beginning of the show Shamanth was being left behind in his game but now he is giving his best.  Equally, Vaishnavi is also getting good fame outside the glass house. Let us wait and watch will Show makers  focus on making new Jodi in the house

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