Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Shamanth Loses Cool on Chandrachud

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is turning out to be more interesting than ever, thanks to all the drama inside the house. The Bigg Boss asks contestants to vote for contestants who displayed worst performance and best performance. Chandrachud is being voter aals the worst performer and Shubha is chosen for best performance. Then the Bigg Boss sends Chandrachud to jail as he has supposedly earned the Kalape of the week badge. Divya U and Shamanth vote for Chandrachud and say that he has always crossed limits when he makes statements about other contestants.

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It may be recalled that when Shamanth and Divya Suresh were twinning in their attire, Chandrachud was at it again making personal comments. Despite being repeatedly warned by host Kichcha Sudeep as well as housemates, Chandrachud made some inappropriate statements that hurt Divya Suresh and Shamanth.  

Shamanth thinks that Chandrachud deserves the Kalape tag for all that he said. On the other hans, Netizens too feel that Chandrachud deserves to get Kalape every week. They say that Chandrachud does nothing other than gossip and make controversial statements against other contestants for no reason. 

Last weekend, Kichcha Sudeep warned Chandrachud saying he doesn't have any right to make such statements against other contestants. Yet, CC continues to do so. In the first innings, Prashanth S was losing his cool, but in the second innings, Chandrachud has overtaken Prashanth S. 

Chandrachud is angry after all the housemates vote to send him to Jail. And then the unthinkable happens. Shamanth, who's always in a jovial mood, composing songs on housemates and sharing jokes loses his cool at Chandrachud who's sitting in the jail. He spits fire at CC saying he deserves it. 

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