Bigg Boss Kannada 8: See How Netizens Are Singing Praises Of Divya Uruduga

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People are eagerly waiting for the weekend episode of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. But the news of Kichcha Sudeep not hosting the weekend episode has disappointed not only his fans but also the viewers of BBK8 show. All the contestants in the house are giving their best but a section of netizens is not happy with the performance of some of the contestants in the BB house. They are saying that a few contestants are not taking the game seriously and are playing it in their own way. 

Now coming to Divya Uruduga, one of the popular contestants in the BB house who she enjoys a huge fan following. See how netizens are singing praises of Divya. One of the netizens wrote, "If DU was part of nomination she would have saved 1st by securing highest votes. What do you expect from a sick girl? When she is ready to participate in the task, BB himself restricts her from participating. In house chore work she was still doing her part and was lively too."

Another netizen wrote, "Divya Uruduga are you an Angel? How come a person is so perfect with high moral values, forgiveness, goodness. The way you guided PS & asked him to have food though he always targets her increases respect for you my girl. You are full of positivity and love."

Here are some of the tweets.

Meanwhile, the bad news is that Bigg Boss host Kichcha Sudeep is not going to be on the show this weekend as well. Colors Kannada tweeted that, "In the wake of the current hardship situation, there is no weekend filming with Kichcha Sudeep." Here is the tweet made by Colors Kannada.  

So, dear readers and Bigg Boss show addicts, you have to put up with another boring week loaded with tasks. Stay tuned for updates. 

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