Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Second Female Contestant To Rule BBK House

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Here comes the good news again for all those who cheer for women contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Divya Suresh will be the second female contestant to rule the BBK house in the fourth week. Yes, Divya Suresh won yesterday's captaincy task. With this, it's very evident that Divya Suresh has improved her game a lot in the second innings compared to the first innings. In the second innings, Divya S is giving a tough competition to the male contestants and trying hard to participate and win all the tasks assigned by Bigg Boss. In the first innings, Divya S would often be distracted as she would hang around with Manju Pavagada. She would also give up on tasks easily. However, all that has changed now as Divya is now the captain of the Bigg Boss house. 

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In the second innings of the pilot episode, Divya S promised to play her individual game without any distraction. And as clearly mentioned, she has even overcome her drawbacks from the first innings and displayed much maturity in the second innings. Divya Suresh has proved that she is the strongest female contestant in the house right now along with Divya Uruduga and Vaishnavi. BBK viewers are waiting to see how Divya S will handle the situation. And they are eager to see how Divya S will deal with Chandrachud in her captaincy. Because Chadhrachud is the one who always points at her and has made some unfavorable comments in utter distaste at Divya S on several occasions. 

So BBK viewers, get ready to witness more drama and fights in the Kannada Bigg Boss house next week.

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