Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Kichcha Sudeep Gives Vaishnavi Immunity From Eviction

 - Sakshi Post

On social media platforms, there is lots of speculation going around that Vaishnavi Gowda is eliminated this week, and the other rumour is that BBK makers are planning to send her to the secret room by fake elimination. It has become a hot topic for all the BBK viewers. As we all know, Vaishnavi has good fame outside the house and has a huge fan following. Vaishnavi is one of the top 5 contestants for the final episode.  

 According to the sources, Kichcha Sudeep will give Vaishnavi immunity from this week's eviction. But it's unclear whether she is going to the secret room or not. Earlier, a few news websites said that they may fake Vaishnavi's elimination. If she is sent to the secret room, for sure, Colors Kannada will break its TRP charts next week. Anyway, all the Vaishnavi fans can now celebrate. Let us wait and watch tonight's "Sunday with Sudeep" episode and see what the BBK makers have in store for us. However, there is news from reliable sources that Priyanka T got evicted from BBK house

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