Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Divya Uruduga Eviction This Week

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Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Biss Kannada season 8 has completed its fourth week and is entering into its fifth week. And it's weekend, that time of the week when one contestant will be sent out of the house. Yes. It is time for the most awaited episode of all BBK viewers--Weekend with Sudeep. There is speculation that BBK makers are planning double elimination this week. So, as per source*, Shubha and Shamanth have greater chances of getting evicted this week. 

However, there is buzz doing rounds that Divya U will face elimination in tonight's episode. A section of the audience feel that Divya U will face fake elimination for the sake of TRP ratings, which will be shown in the promo. 

Anyway, Divya U is the strongest contestant in the BBK house and there is no good reason to evict her from the BBK house. And one should also remember that she is the captain of the house. So Colors Kannada will save Divya U at any cost because in the first innings, when she stepped out of the glass house due to her health issue, veiwers demanded a health update and also wanted the channel to bring her back to the BB house. 

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We are sure Divya U is safe and if are all she gets evicted then it would definitely be a fake Elimination to bring up the TRP ratings as the show is inching towards the grand finale. 

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