Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Aravind KP New Captain of Bigg Boss House for The Third Time

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Aravind KP, the most loved and famous contestant of season 8 Bigg Boss Kannada, has again broken all the records. Are you wondering how? Read on to find out.

Aravind KP is going to rule the BBK house for the third time this season. Yes, Aravind KP has become the captain of the BBK house for the third time. In the first innings, Aravind KP won the captaincy task twice and now in the second innings, he is back to form. Earlier, according to the scoreboard, Manju was topping the task with a high score, followed by Aravind KP in the second spot.

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But according to BBK live viewers, Aravind KP and Shamanth were leading contenders for the captaincy task. We can say that Shamanth should try hard to push his luck next time in the captaincy task. 

Now, before that, BBK viewers are excited about the next week. Undoubtedly, Colors Kannada is going to get high TRP rating this time than in the first innings. It won't be a surprise if the BBK makers extend the show by a few weeks more considering the kind of reception it has received from the viewers. 

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Anyways, ArVIYA fans have found another reason to celebrate as Aravind KP has become the captain after Divya U. Let's wait and watch if Aravind KP changes his strategy of ruling the house unlike the first innings.

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