Bigg Boss 15: Will Shamita Shetty Be Back on The Show?

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In the recent episode, we saw that Shamita Shetty was out of Bigg Boss 15. She was not eliminated but went out to get some treatment for her shoulder pain. The pain was troubling Shamita a lot and she finally went out to consult the doctor.

Shamita Shetty left the BB15 house a few days ago due to health problems. This has caused concern among fans. They approached Shamita's mother on Twitter after watching her luggage being moved out of the house and asked if she would return to the show. Upon being asked about Shamita’s fate in Bigg Boss, mother Sunanda replied on Twitter saying that she will be back.

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While she is out to get treatment for her shoulder, fans are guessing that Shamita can briefly meet Raqesh Bapat and come back. Raqesh came to Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card contestant but soon exited due to his deteriorating health condition.

Her fate in the show concerned a few fans but now that her mother has confirmed that Shamita will be coming back then there are no worries. The VIPs task is still going on and soon there will be new wild card contestants in Bigg Boss 15.

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