Bigg Boss 15 Viewers Troll Colors For Favouritism

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Fans of Bigg Boss 15 have expressed their anger regarding the show and makers’ bias towards certain contestants. Recently the channel released a promo for the upcoming episode where we can once again see the Junglewasis and OTT contestants getting into a fight.

Check out the promo here:

Now many in the comment section have said that the channel always tries to glorify Jay Bhanushali and Karan Kundrra in the promos. In teasers, it looks like Karan is handling the situation well and is acting as the mediator. But when you see him in the actual episode, his attitude is completely different. They compared this to “Expectation vs Reality”.

“Promo trying to make kk n jay hero? So this is not violence according to ur channel right? Even jay abused is edited from promo slow clap,” read a comment.

Some were bringing up the fight between Jay and Pratik Sehajpal. Bigg Boss fans are saying that it was wrong to scold only Pratik for whatever happened between these two. Yes, Pratik broke the glass but Jay abused and used curse words towards Pratik. There were no repercussions for Jay.

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It is like the Colors channel is working for jay and Karan. They are ignoring all of Jay’s mistakes and portraying him as the victim or as the hero who takes a stand for all the Junglewasis and is making Karan seem like the ultimate mediator of the show when most of the time the kind of maturity you expect from him after seeing the promo is not reflected in the episode.

“Extremely biased towards Jay and tejawasi. Whereas Jay isn't even doing anything positive. Didn't you see Pratik and Shamita killing in the task, why don't you promote them,” wrote another fan in the comment section.

“We get it you wanna make jungvasio the heroes thats why their strategies are high lighted by u all n Shamita Nishant Pratiks r not, u wanna the audience to like Jay Karan Umar tejaswi so badly. We get it the show needs all 13 hms (housemates) and Pratik is being sacrificed every weekend.”

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