Bigg Boss 15: Viewers Slam Karan Kundrra For Hitting Pratik Sehajpal

 - Sakshi Post

Violence in Bigg Boss 15 house is not new. Ever since the show started it has been all about fights and physical violence. Contestants are hitting each other, abusing them, and even physically pushing and thrashing each other. It has gone beyond control now.

The audience raised this issue that the show has become all about this now. All the tasks end up with them fighting and hitting each other. Initially, Pratik was scolded for this but Karan is not said anything no matter what. Earlier due to Pratik’s mistake, all the junglewasi were nominated for elimination but now no such decision was made for Karan literally slamming Pratik to the ground.

In the latest episode, Karan Kundrra literally choke slammed Pratik to the ground, while the latter was trying to snatch the papers from Kundrra’s hand. Bigg Boss fans expressed their disappointment over the makers’ silence on this matter. If Pratik was punished for such behavior, Kundrra should be too.

EVICT KARAN KUNDRRA started trending on Twitter where BB15 viewers were debating if the makers will scold Karan for his mistakes. Everyone is now waiting for the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar to see what host Salman Khan does.

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