Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz On His Eviction From The Show

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Recently Umar Riaz was eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 which caused a lot of controversies. Fans were left disappointed and angry and hailed him as a Public Winner. His time inside the house was good as in most nominations, he would emerge at the top. Even with a ticket to the finale in hand, he was eliminated because of his aggressive nature.

"Yes, I was violent in tasks, but I've never physically pushed or punched anyone," Umar remarked of his much-discussed aggressiveness and rage on the show. It was suggested that I had been cautioned previously as well, but I don't recall receiving any such warning.

Then they claimed that my eviction was based on a vote by the audience. But when I walked out of the house, I discovered that the majority of people merely wanted to appreciate me, so how was this eviction based on the viewers’ decision? I believe they have dismissed me because I have always been strong and have built a name for myself among all the well-known faces. I was also receiving a lot of support from others.

He also said that Bigg Boss didn’t take any action when other contestants became violent. Others too pushed each other, choke slammed people to the ground and nothing was done then. It is disappointing that this decision was only taken against him.

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