Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz Gets Eliminated

 - Sakshi Post

In what comes as one of the most shocking news from Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz has been eliminated. This has left fans angry and devastated. He has been the top contestant this season, top of almost every poll and voting. It came as a shock to everyone when his eviction was announced.

As his elimination in the episode was announced, fans and Twitter users began criticizing the show for making an arbitrary choice. Bigg Boss' choice appears to have enraged them, as they have expressed their displeasure with it. Some internet users have urged that Bigg Boss be banned. 'Rip Bigg Boss,' 'Nonsense Show,' 'No Umar, No BB15,' and other hashtags and comments are trending on social media.

While this decision by Bigg Boss makers irked many, there were few who said that this was a fair decision as violence by Umar Riaz was increasing in the house. If he was not eliminated, then it will be a free chit for everyone to act such a way in Bigg Boss. But no matter what, the support is in his favor as there are many who became violent in BB15 but were left with a warning.

It is to be seen, who becomes the winner and runner up now. Fans have lost interest in Bigg Boss 15 and are saying that the finale is predictable now.

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