Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty Walks Out Of The House, Afsana Khan Turns Violent

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We all know that breaking the rules in Bigg Boss results in the worst punishments, and this is exactly what happened. As a result of Afsana and Shamita's failure to follow the house's regulations, the housemates have been harshly penalized this week and will not be receiving any groceries.

When Jay Bhanushali heard the news, he yelled at Shamita and Afsana. Shamita immediately exited the room, while Afsana became enraged and began throwing items.

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This is not the first time that Afsana has thrown things in the house. She got angry earlier as well and lost all control. She threw things and shouted uncontrollably. Even jay had arguments with other contestants in the house.

In addition, Vishal Kotian accuses Jay of keeping a grudge against him, resulting in a fight between the two. Even the celebs who come as guests don't like Vishal, according to Jay. Vishal, enraged, claims Jay has done nothing. He is not even worthy of being called an enemy and wasted time on him. 

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