Bigg Boss 15: Raqesh Bapat Quits The Show

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Shamita Shetty received devastating news on Bigg Boss 15's Sunday Ka Vaar episode when she learned of Raqesh Bapat's departure. There will be no eliminations this week, according to host Salman Khan, who mentioned this while announcing the eviction for the week. The second contestant is Raqesh, who has left the show.

Ever since entering the show, Raqesh has not been well. Due to his deteriorating health, he had to leave the show and now he is feeling a little better, but it is best advised that he stays home and rest.

Salman said, "Raqesh has quit the show on medical grounds, and while his health is fine, he wants to rest and not come back." Shamita was shocked. He informed the housemates that Raqesh would not be returning. After receiving the news, Shamita was baffled, but Salman encouraged her to be strong and told her that she could play the game by herself. 

You should be strong and wait till you two meet outside. Raqesh was ill and he could not have stayed in the house. Shamita should stay strong and play the game. It will be nice when they meet outside.

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