Bigg Boss 15: Nominated Contestants in Week 2

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Week 2 nominations for Bigg Boss 15 are here. As we saw last week, it was Sahil Shroff who got eliminated from the show. He became the first contestant to be evicted.

Now there was a task conducted to decide on Week 2 nominations. During the task, 6 contestants (Junglewasis) got saved. The OTT members are not in the task neither are they in the nominations. The rest of the 6 junglewasis are in the nominations.

Afsana Khan, Vidhi Pandya, Vishal Kotian, Ieshaan Sehgal, Akasa Singh, and Donal Bisht are nominated this week. One among these will be evicted during the coming Weekend ka Vaar episode. Whoever gets the least votes will say goodbye to Bigg Boss 15.

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The audience has already started guessing the name of the contestant that will get eliminated from the show. Many have taken Vidhi Pandya’s name. Viewers are saying that she hasn’t done much in the show and also keeps bringing up the same issue multiple times. While others want Ieshaan to get eliminated so that they will not have to watch the love track between him and Miesha Iyer.

Well, we will get the name during the weekend episode. The voting will happen over the week for it.

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