Bigg Boss 15 Might Not Be Extended Till February

 - Sakshi Post

The show Bigg Boss 15 has been struggling with low TRP ever since it started airing. No matter what the makers do, it is not working in their favor. The audience is losing interest and sees no winner candidate among the current lot. This season has not been like the previous ones in any way.

Generally, the makers decide to extend the show till February if it does well and viewers are interested in it. But that has not been the case with BB15 as all their twists and tasks are rather failing.

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The low TRPs appear to have pushed the producers to consider if the show can be extended until February. Now it will be determined by how the viewership improves over the next two to four weeks. Another issue is that Bigg Boss Hindi cannot end before Bigg Boss Marathi. That show is doing exceptionally well.

Rakhi Sawant and her husband, along with other wild card contestants have entered the show. The makers are hoping for a change in the ratings now.  It will be monitored how Bigg Boss 15 does in the coming weeks before the makers decide if they want to extend the show or not.

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