Bigg Boss 15 Finalist Walks Out of Show, Deets Inside

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With each passing day, Bigg Boss 15 show is becoming interesting. Some of the contestants of the house are fighting very badly whereas a few others are making controversial statements and the show is quite intriguing. Besides all, Shamita Shetty is likely to exit Bigg Boss 15 house. According to the reports she is going out of the house for treatment of her shoulder pain. It is all known knowledge that she has been suffering from pain for the last few days. It is said that that she will return to the show after a couple of days.

Another news is that Shamita is likely to meet Raqesh and would convince him to return to the show. One more rumour that is doing all the rounds on social media is that Shamita is going to have a deal with the media who are expected to enter the house and interview the competitors. 

Now coming to Raqesh Bapat who had to leave the Bigg Boss 15 house for medical reasons is not going to return to the house. Earlier, rumours broke out stating that he will return to the show, but later it was revealed that he had left the house.

Shamita Shetty expected that Raqesh Bapat would return to the house. Shamita was angry with Raqesh because he didn't tell her that he was leaving the house.

Netizens are passing many comments on Bigg Boss 15 show. Some are saying that there is a lot of favoritism in this season. Here are the tweets.

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