Bigg Boss 15 Fans Happy After Ieshaan Sehgaal Elimination

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This week on Bigg Boss 15, we got double elimination. One contestant was eliminated on Saturday’s Weekend ka Vaar and the other contestant was evicted on Sunday.

Ieshaan Sehgaal was left stunned after Miesha Iyer was evicted in the previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode. After a challenging episode, host Salman Khan declared that Ieshaan had received the fewest votes and would have to leave tonight. Ieshaan was sent to his love, exclaimed the audience. 

Salman Khan was quite disappointed with what happened and said I had warned you but you didn’t listen. Ieshaan will not be going any further in the show, Salman broke the news. He also announced his elimination from Bigg Boss 15. The Ek Tha Tiger actor went on to say how he warned Ieshaan and told him to focus on the game instead of spending all the time with Miesha.

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Earlier Salman warned these two that if they are serious about their relationship, then the makers and host are nobody to stop them but if their romance is leading nowhere then it is only making them look bad and years later all this will embarrass them.

It was their romance that led to their eviction but the audience is relieved about this as they do not have to see these two cuddling on-screen again as it was becoming way too irritating.

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