Bigg Boss 15 Fans Demand For Umar Riaz Eviction

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A fight broke out between two contestants in the Bigg Boss 15 house. It was between Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal this time. For quite some time, the two have been at odds. And it's clear that they can't stand each other based on their actions. As a result, when the two came face to face, Umar and Pratik couldn't help but engage in a verbal spat that quickly escalated into violence.

It all started with a huge fight between Umar and Pratik, in which both of them were constantly cursing each other. This happened as Pratik intervened in a fight between Umar and Neha Bhasin. Umar's attention suddenly went to Pratik, and the two began calling shouting at each other.

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"Tere se kaun dosti karega," Pratik declared angrily. Umar then approached Pratik and asked, "Kisko bola?" Pratik said that he was not talking with him. Umar then reprimanded Pratik for screaming insults at him. 

Umar and Pratik started pushing each other. But Umar’s actions were more violent which left Pratik fans in rage. They are now demanding for eviction of Umar Riaz and have said that if he doesn’t get eliminated then it will be a bias from Bigg Boss makers.

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