Bigg Boss 15: Fans Bash Salman Khan For Not Scolding Simba Nagpal

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Salman Khan's refusal to take Simba Nagpal's class on Weekend Ka Vaar for pushing Umar Riaz in the swimming pool in a fit of rage during a task disappointed Bigg Boss 15 viewers. Salman failed to address the tension between Simba and Umar during the episode, which caused a social media outrage.

For the past few days, Simba and Umar have not been on speaking terms. During a task, Simba and Umar got into a verbal brawl that quickly escalated and then physical.

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On Monday's Bigg Boss 15 episode, Simba Nagpal was furious with Umar Riaz during a task. He shoved Umar so hard into the water that he fell in. He escaped injury because he fell right into the pool; else, it may have been fatal. Ieshaan Sehgaal, who was nearby, hurried up to Simba and scolded him, stating he had done something wrong.

Fans were angry with Salman as he should have scolded Simba. In earlier seasons, contestants were thrown out of the show for getting less violent. Simba was neither scolded by Bigg Boss nor Salman Khan. He is still in the house which irritated viewers and Umar Riaz fans.

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