Bigg Boss 15 Contestants Miesha lyer-Iehsaan Sehgaal Breakup

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Things in Bigg Boss house are always unpredictable. Romance, getting close to a fellow contestant, and ending up dating in the house are very common. Every season we have such stories but Bigg Boss 15 just took it to a whole new level.

Never in Bigg Boss history has had romance budded so fast as it has in Bigg Boss 15. This has left viewers in confusion as to what the reality might be? Many termed the romance as ‘fake’ and said that the two contestants Ieshaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer played the love-track card way too soon.

Miesha and Ieshaan became fast friends right after entering the house. They were teased and identified as a couple by the other housemates. The audience termed all this as a strategy and said that these two should have taken it slow. But looks like the plan didn’t work out as they broke up recently.

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As the romance started way too soon, so did the break-up, even that came too soon. It was very confusing.

Even host Salman Khan teased these two. Salman said that during his years as host of Bigg Boss, he has seen many stages of relationships, but that he has never seen things develop this quickly between two participants.

In the recent episode, we could see the two arguing and calling off their ‘relationship’. Bigg Boss 15 viewers were busy joking about this and said this is what happens when you play the romance and love-track card too early. It was never going to work out.

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