Bigg Boss 15 Afsana Khan Eliminated After Self-Harm?

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Afsana Khan was reportedly evicted from Bigg Boss 15 after allegedly attempting to harm herself with a knife. After losing the VIP access task, Afsana loses her cool and attempts self-harm, according to an upcoming promo for Wednesday's show.

She will soon be eliminated from the show, reported many insiders but nothing has been confirmed yet. There are varied opinions on this. Another report claimed that she was not eliminated, but went out for a few days due to health reasons and after suffering a panic attack.

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During the VIP access task on BB15 that will benefit them with the grand finale, the singer is said to have had a major brawl with co-contestant Shamita Shetty. Following that, Bigg Boss summoned all of the housemates to the living room and informed them that Afsana Khan would be forced to leave the show due to a violent altercation with Shamita.

It is to be seen what happens next on Bigg Boss 15. We will have to wait for the upcoming episode to see if Afsana Khan is actually eliminated from the show or not.

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