Bigg Boss 14: Marriage Confirmed As Disha Parmar Accepts Rahul Vaidya’s Proposal

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It is all love and romance in the Bigg Boss house right now. As Valentine’s Day has arrived, couples in the house are spending quality time with each other. This Weekend ka Vaar will bring a surprise for singer Rahul Vaidya.

Disha Parmar will be entering Bigg Boss house and Rahul Vaidya has no idea about it. This is a surprise for him. There were rumors of the actor entering the house, but a recently released promo for Bigg Boss 14 has also confirmed the news. Disha Parmar is going to Bigg Boss house.

As we all know Disha and Rahul are planning to get married real soon. Even the parents have blessed the couple. Fans of the couple were waiting for a reunion and Disha's entry right before the finale has made the reunion even more special. It comes during the perfect time as even Valentine’s Day has arrived.

In the promo, we see that Rahul is anxious to know who the person entering is, and becomes extremely happy upon seeing Disha. He jumps to hug her. The couple hug and kiss each other but as always there is a glass in between. Rahul becomes emotional as Disha starts talking about her feelings.

Disha shares that there is no better time than today (Valentine’s Day) to share their feelings. “Issey accha din nahi ho sakta tha ki mein yaha par aaon” (there couldn’t have been a better day than today for me to come meet you), says Disha.

The promo further shows that Rahul as well confessed his feelings for Disha and asks her to marry him. Rahul asks, “Disha will you marry me?” To this Disha replies by holding a huge placard that reads, “Yes, I will marry you.” Disha has everything prepared and seems like even she was waiting for the proposal.

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Disha and Rahul have been dating each other for a long time. As Rahul was there in Bigg Boss house, he had to stay away from his girlfriend and the wait lasted for months. The couple was planning to get married very soon but nothing was official as Rahul was waiting for an answer. As Disha has entered the house, the wait is finally over.  

Let’s not talk about the Weekend ka Vaar as this moment it is all about Rahul Vaidya’s happiness. 

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