Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin Questions Rubina Dilaik-Abhinav Shukla Over Problems With Rakhi Sawant

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Abhinav and Rubina have been in the talks since BB14 started. It was said that the couple had advantage over other contestants due to their relationship. Even though the couple themselves has gone through a rough patch, they constantly stood for each other. The on-going drama with Rakhi Sawant has put the couple on everyone’s radar.

Sunday’s (7th Feb) episode of Weekend ka Vaar will see the reentry of a former Bigg Boss 14 contestant. Jasmin Bhasin will enter the show as a connection for boyfriend Aly Goni in the family round.

A promo was released in which we can see Salman Khan bashing the couple as well as Jasmin questioning them on their problems with Rakhi. In the video, we can see Jasmin questioning Rubina and Abhinav. She asks the couple as to why they didn’t draw a line earlier. “Jab Rakhi blouse and petticoat me aayi, tab waha line kyu nahi draw kari gayi.”

Jasmin asks that when Rakhi came in blouse and petticoat and requested Abhinav to drape her saree, why didn’t he say ‘NO.’ Abhinav and Rubina should have stopped Rakhi long back and drawn a line.

Jasmin further lashes out at the couple saying; to them their emotion is emotion and what others do, is all fake and drama.

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She didn’t just lash out at Rubina and Abhinav but also busted Rakhi. Jasmin said that she saw everything during her time outside Bigg Boss house. She watched the telecast as a viewer and said that Rakhi keeps causing drama. “You (Rakhi) keep playing the victim card and try to manipulate people. But as soon as Weekend ka Vaar comes, you suddenly become a shy and silent person.”

After Jasmin, even Host Salman will be seen questioning the couple. He specifically asks Abhinav for his opinion on what Rubina said. Salman asks Abhinav if the word ‘Tharki’ that Rakhi used, worse or words that Rubina used, like ‘neech, ghatiya, zaleel aurat’ worse.

In previous episode, Salman even questioned Rakhi and slammed her for her behavior. He even said if you (Rakhi) can't stop yourself from crossing the line then you can leave the show right now.

What is it About?

Rakhi Sawant has spoken multiple times regarding her feelings for Abhinav. She has constantly tried to come close to Abhinav and indulges in all kinds of tactics. Earlier Rakhi openly confessed that she would like to become the mother of Abhinav’s child. All she needs is a little love and some of his sperm. After that incident, Rakhi again tried having ‘fun’ with Abhinav. She pulled the strings of Abhinav’s shorts. This has also angered wife, Rubina

In the last week’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was seen defending Rakhi and said that whatever she is doing has actually put Abhinav in the limelight.

All three have been on Salman’s radar since last week and are constantly drilled by him. 

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