Bigg Boss 14 Finale Voting Trends: Meet BB14 Finalists With Highest And Lowest Votes Before Grand Finale

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The Finale Week is here and we have our Top 5 contestants of Bigg Boss 14. Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant are the top 5 of this season, but only one can win. In just a few days we will be getting the winner of this season in the Grand Finale episode but before that there will be one last mid-week elimination.

Although this is not confirmed yet, the live-feed showed Nikki Tamboli’s elimination. Viewers are smart and they have speculated that the makers are not showing Nikki in the live-feed so as to increase the suspense and confusion. Things are really intense in the Bigg Boss house right now.

In the final week, every fanbase is gearing up and are ready for a tough competition. The contestant on the top spot and the contestant on the bottom have a huge gap in vote percentage. A total of 23 Lakh votes were submitted as of February 16 and this number will only be going up.

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In the total 23 Lakh, around 7 lakh votes were submitted for Rubina Dilaik. As always she is on the top and with a good number of votes too. On second position is Rahul Vaidya with around 5 Lakh votes. This gives a gap of 2 lakh votes between Rubina and Rahul. But fanvases are catching up soon.

Aly Goni has around 4 lakh votes and is currently in Number Three position. Aly is far ahead when compared to the ones in fourth and fifth position. Nikki Tamboli has 2,62,000 votes and Rakhi Sawant has 2,56,000 votes. So the Top three are safe with their gap but there isn’t much difference between Nikki and Rakhi’s votes. So the trends could change anytime and fans will have to be alert.

Current Ranking

1. Rubina Dilaik - 7 lakh

2. Rahul Vaidya - 5 Lakh

3. Aly Goni - 4 lakh

4. Nikki Tamboli - 2,62,000

5. Rakhi Sawant - 2,56,000

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