Bigg Boss 14: Fans React To Rubina Dilaik And Eijaz Khan Food Fight, Believed Rubina Was Dominative

 - Sakshi Post

In another controversial Bigg Boss 14 episode, fans will see a fight between Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan. Like many times before, even this time, the cause of the fight will be ‘food.’

As the contestants won the luxury budget task, they received extra food. Eijaz Khan got excited and started eating more. Rubina indirectly taunted Eijaz while telling everyone that “impulsively khaane se tum log ke peth kharaab honge.” (You guys are going to fall sick, if you keep eating impulsively)

Eijaz responded to this by saying that it is their stomach and health and they will take responsibility for it. He will eat in the manner he likes. Rubina replied that she was only showing concern and said “Eijaz has the most upset stomach in this house.”  

Eijaz said she (Rubina) doesn’t need to show concern; “My Mouth, My Stomach.”Even Rahul Vaidya got irritated and said “No one asked Rubina to show concern; they can take care of themselves. Besides it doesn’t even look like concern but more like an order.”

Things got ugly between Rubina and Eijaz. During the fight Eijaz is seen taunting Rubina while she raises her hand in the air, and tells Eijaz to stop. Upon this, Eijaz goes closer to Rubina and will give her a ‘hi-five.’ 

Rubina loses her cool and shouts at Eijaz telling him never to touch her without permission. Seeing this, husband Abhinav comes in between and says, “Do not come close to my wife (Rubina).”

Fans have always admired Rubina and Abhinav's relationship, and like the way, the couple takes a stand for each other. Leaving that aside, the fans have pointed out that this time, Rubina started passing unnecessary comments. 

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