Bigg Boss 14 Fans Declare The Winner: ‘RAHUL VAIDYA FOR THE WIN’ Trends On Twitter

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The much awaited finale for the latest season of Bigg Boss has garnered enough hype. The viewers are hooked and the fans of each contestant are voting hard, giving their all to make their favorite player, win.

It has been a tough fight between Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik. Both the contestants have been in the top throughout the season. Whenever any of these players are nominated, the fans have voted hard and kept them in the safe zone. When only one of them is nominated, that contestant manages to stay in the top spot. But when both of them are nominated, it is generally Rubina on first position and Rahul on the second.

It is possible that this time, the winner will be from these two and the fans have the biggest hand in that.

But let me tell you why chances of Rahul Vaidya’s win are high. With the finale approaching, Rahul fans have become more active and are giving their all to vote for him. Even though Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla’s fandoms have now merged and are together voting for Rubina, Rahul fans have still managed to keep the contestant on top of Twitter trends.

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Hashtag "RAHUL VAIDYA FOR THE WIN" has been trending for the past few days and now the hashtag has even gone up in the Twitter trends list. When the hashtag first started trending, the fans managed to cross 5 million tweets in just 28 hours. The fans are going stronger than ever. Earlier, the fans made a record 10 million tweets in less than a day.

Even in the voting trends, Rubina Dilaik is leading for now but the percentage gap is not very high. As we all know, it doesn’t just depend on the votes but on the makers’ decision as well, we never know what twist the Bigg Boss 14 finale gets us.

As of now anything is tough to confirm. But looking at the voting trends and the hashtag, Rahul Vaidya fans are giving tough competition.

Why is the Hashtag ‘#RAHULVAIDYAFORTHEWIN’ Trending?

After Rahul Vaidya faced betrayal in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task, the fans started trending this hashtag to shower the singer with love. During the task, Rahul was visually stunned as friends Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni ditched him. Their behavior towards Rahul was very different.

Now with the finale approaching, every contestant is playing for themselves, so it is not surprising to see one player not helping another. During the drum task for Ticket to Finale, Rahul placed his trust in Aly but the latter did not help him.

This made Rahul upset and the fans started trending ‘#RAHULVAIDYAFORTHEWIN’ assuring the singer that he may not have won the task but has won all the hearts today.

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