Bigg Boss 14: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Fake Drama Caught On Camera After Fight With Arshi Khan

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Even though Arshi Khan got evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 house, viewers are still hooked to the episode with Arshi and Devoleena’s fight. The fight that got so big and ended up with Devoleena smashing things and going berserk was actually all a setup. Viewers have shared a clip on Twitter where it can be seen that Devoleena had everything planned.

Devoleena and Arshi Fight

During a fight between Devoleena and Arshi, the latter had cursed Devoleena and said she will suffer and lose someone close to her. Arshi used words like ‘Mar jayenge’ (They will die). While trying to search for her soft toy, Sheru, Arshi was seen getting angry and cursing at fellow contestants, Rahul Vaidya and Devoleena.

Arshi told Devoleena that they will also lose someone close to them. They will hurt in the same way. After about 2 to 3 hours, Devoleena was seen losing her cool and shouting at Arshi. She began throwing things, flinging utensils off Arshi’s hand and causing damage to Bigg Boss property.  In her rage, Devoleena ended up hurting herself and co-contestant Rahul as well.

While Abhinav and Nikki were seen trying to control and console Devoleena, Rubina stood back and said all this is her drama. Rubina was seen telling husband Abhinav to ignore Devoleena as she is doing all this for attention.

This angered Devoleena even further and she started cursing at Rubina as well. After all the drama ended, Bigg Boss decided to nominate Devoleena for the entire season. The problem is that, If Devoleena gets eliminated; it will affect Eijaz Khan as she has come as a proxy for him.

Reaction from Former Bigg Boss Contestants

Former contestant Kamya Panjabi has responded to the fight and said that what Devoleena did was not justified. She agreed that Arshi Khan doesn’t know her boundaries and often uses harsh words, but it doesn’t mean you can react in such a violent manner.

"Yes #ArshiKhan kaan se khoon nikaal deti hai (Arshi's words may make your ears bleed) but what #Devoleena did was just not required #BiggBoss14 @ColorsTV,” tweeted kamya.

Devoleena’s friend and former contestant Rashami Desai sided with Devoleena and tried to shut down all the haters. She said sometimes humans take a while to burst out their emotions.

"#arshi : baddua deti hun... tere karibi mar jaaye (Arshi wishes death on someone's family). it’s really heartbroken and few contestants R judging this moment why after 3 hours? It takes time sometime to react. It wasn’t a murder it was a word war which takes time and it plays in ur mind #humanfeeling @Devoleena_23,” she posted on Twitter.

Viewers Reaction

As the episodes of Bigg Boss 14 are available on Voot with non-stop 24 hours live feed, it is very easy for viewers and ardent fans of BB14 to monitor even the minutest details.

Viewers shared a short 15 seconds clip on Twitter and said that Devoleena had planned everything. One user on Twitter wrote that, Devoleena had calmed down but as soon as she heard footsteps approaching, she started shouting again.

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